Client testimonials

"Where do I even begin? As a first time mom many concerns and fears were constantly hovering over my head. So many things I didn’t know and I just couldn’t wrap my head around birth and the unknown. I also have a medical condition that made the thought of birth that much more concerning. When I learned about Amy and the concept of a Doula (which I have never heard of prior to this) I immediately reached out and was extremely blessed to have ended up having Amy be a part of this journey. Easing fears and answering my MANY of my questions before pregnancy, providing us with suggestions beforehand on labour and pregnancy and when I finally went into labour guiding us through when to even make our way to the hospital was beyond helpful. Once at the hospital there was a sense of peace coming from having Amy there. She has such a calming presence and was so patient with things we needed. To have her there to talk to, joke around with, ask questions and document our journey was amazing. After giving birth, Amy checked in with us many times via phone messages and we were able to also ask her questions about babies first few days whenever we had some. It was nice to know there was someone we could ask advice and they would willingly provide guidance. She also checked in and came to see our baby girl after we were settled in. If you are considering a Doula I would highly recommended Amy as she has the kindest heart and a calming presence that will be much needed during this beautiful but at times crazy time in your life."
- Karolina
"We were so lucky to find Amy to be our doula for the birth of our second son! She was incredibly knowledgeable about various birth options, hospital procedures and natural pain relief techniques. She was non-judgemental and compassionate about my previous birth experience and my concerns and wishes with the birth of my second child. She was available during the early hours of the morning when my labour started and showed up promptly to help me get through the beginning pains of early labour. I was so relieved to have her there and she did not leave my side during the entire labour and delivery at the hospital. Her calm and gentle demeanour immediately put me at ease and helped me achieve the natural, drug-free birth I was hoping for! Thank you Amy!"
- Jessica & Kostas