Frequently asked questions

No, a Doula does not replace the medical personnel looking after you during your pregnancy and birth. I do not perform any medical testing or procedures. 

Your partner knows you better than anyone else so they will be extremely helpful for you! 

However, your partner may not remember everything from those prenatal classes (it can be a lot to take in after all!). I will be there to remind your partner of different ways they can help you, or we can both help you. A Doula not only supports the mother, but supports the partner too – even if it means grabbing them a meal so they don’t have to leave your side.

Absolutely! It’s your choice 110% and I support whatever decisions you make. Your support system doesn’t end just because you have an epidural – we can use a peanut ball and other comfort measures to try to keep labor progressing nicely.

Of course, Doulas have been working in hospitals for years! There’s normally a two person limit for the birthing mothers support system during labor in hospitals so having your partner and Doula are completely fine.

Of course, Doulas are not only limited to hospital births. I support your choices and will attend your birth at your home, hospital or birth center. 

Doulas are sometimes allowed in operating rooms for support. I will be able to keep you calm and relaxed, ease any anxiety you may have surrounding the cesarean. If I am unable to be with you during surgery, I can keep you company after and give you support while your partner may be with your baby in the nursery. I can also help you after with the skin to skin process which is very important for breastfeeding, bonding, and temperature of your baby.

Having a Doula isn’t only beneficial for the birthing mother but for the partner as well. If they want to be more involved in messaging, hip squeezes, etc. then I can grab them water or a meal so they don’t have to leave your side. I can do the comfort measures, relaxation techniques, etc if maybe your partner needs a rest. If it’s a bit of a longer labor, your partner can have a nap knowing you are not left alone and unsupported. A Doula will fill that gap there to ensure you are both well supported.

I offer a free in-home consultation with no obligations, this is a great way for your partner to meet me and ask any questions they may have about receiving Doula support.

Pregnancy and parenthood can come with so many expenses like the stroller, high chair, diapers, bottles, crib, etc which now you’re wondering if a Doula is worth the money or if you can afford it.

A Doula provides undivided support and attention to you and your partner from the moment you hire them. I will be on call 24-7 leading up to your delivery, and then three weeks thereafter. We also have two in home visits to discuss your needs and wishes, learn relaxation techniques and comfort measures. I will be with you for your entire labor until baby is born and you are settled. I will also meet you once more for a postpartum visit within the first week baby is born. That’s a lot of hours your Doula puts in to ensure you are well supported both emotionally and physically, the benefits are immeasurable and worth every penny.

Cash, Cheque, EFT or Credit Card are all accepted. If a payment plan would make it easier for you to spread out the payments, that is always an option. Please contact me for more information.