Amy Hare



I’m Amy, a mother to three little ones and a wife to my husband who is my world. 


My passion is all about pregnancy, birth and babies. I’ve made it my mission to dedicate everything I have to help women and their families during this very important moment in their lives. Although this moment may be short, the impact is a big one.


Through my own experiences in pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood, I realized that the more support I had – the better everything was prenatally, during labour and into the postpartum period. The more information I had, the better decisions I was able to make. The more knowledge I had, the more relaxed and calm I was. 


My goal is to be that handbook for mothers and partners. I want to support them during this important time in their life and help them achieve a positive birth experience.


I am completely honoured to support you through this journey and I can’t wait to meet you!!